Focused Services,

Focused On You.

Our firm practices in only three areas of law. This allows us to offer a very thorough service for each while maintaining expertise in our ever-changing landscape. 

Corporate + Entrepreneurship

Business Law

Partner with a team experienced in business law, and business ownership.

Beyond the letter of the law, we offer a unique & strategic perspective when helping fellow business owners achieve their goals. Ambitious startups & mature corporations alike rely on us to navigate rapidly-shifting business terrain and forsee potential vulnerabilities. 

Strategic Approach

We tip the scales toward safely securing your organization’s goals  

Free Consultation

Get your questions answered & ensure we’re a perfect match

Track Record

Our Firm has grown via positive experiences from our clients & families


Engaging Service

A high-touch firm allowing you as much or as little involvement as you desire

Nonprofits require a unique approach to ensure legality and long-term stability. Our team is actively engaged in organizations working toward a higher cause.

Consultation + Formation

Nonprofit Law

Hire a legal firm that is as passionate & engaged in philanthropy as you are.

Let’s discuss your legal concern

Preservation + Asset Protection

Estate Planning

We help families protect what matters most & prepare you for the future.

Your family and loved ones deserve peace of mind when it comes to receiving the fruits of your labors. Whether you require a simple will or a complex credit shelter trust, Westacott Law Firm can provide the planning you need to accomplish your goals. 


Now I can approach every interaction with confidence, whether with my employees or future clients, knowing that Eric covered all our gaps


Alexander McArthy

– Founder, RaisingSails